Sources of energy, whether they are naturally occurring, renewable, or disseminated through utility companies, are ubiquitous, in Australia and across the world. When businesses seek to reduce costs, augment or restore a solid reputation, and generally become more efficient, they often look first to the quality of the energy they are using. In order to save and reduce one’s carbon footprint, however, no business can accomplish all this alone. For this very reason, a growing number of companies that specialize in power quality and efficiency are there to help.

These businesses, typically called Power Quality Solutions companies, provide a variety of services and products that can make the dream of lower power costs a reality. Below is a list of the many advantages such companies provide faciltiies, businesses, and even entire industries.

These specialist companies will a host of offer power solutions, including power usage optimization, electrical harmonics, capacity measuring, power factor analysis, and regulation compliance.

The above technologies are applicable to buildings and facilities of any size. A tradition of success has been established by these companies within many industries, including health care, heavy industry, telecom, utility distribution services, mining, and others that require a constant stream of high-level power.

Power quality solutions companies are, first and foremost, about safety and compliance. Because laws and regulations are different across different cities, territories, and nations, they are knowledgeable in the deepest and broadest possible ways. They use extensive maintenance, inspection, and safety training programs to pass this knowledge on to business leaders, supervisors, and employees.

Training, inspections, and maintenance helps to lower costs. Insurance premiums are lowered. Workplace injuries are reduced. As a result, workman’s compensation claims and costs are likewise lessened. They train both managers and employees in safety protocols. Knowing that upper management cares about their safety allows workers to have great confidence in their leaders while becoming increasingly productive.

However, power quality solutions firms do not just talk about what needs to be done. They put it into practice by selling products that include braking resistors, capacitors, harmonic reactors and filters, electrical safety enhancers, lighting protection, power factor correction tools, neutral earthing resistors, high voltage machinery and outlets, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, surge protection, transformers for special, and voltage optimization.

Companies including Captech Power factor correction understand greater energy is never a one-business job. They therefore partner themselves with other energy industry leaders, including AmpControl, APC, and Ortea.

Business leaders know that strong references and a list of satisfied customers are great indicators of what these companies can do for them. These last two factors, as well as the above list of benefits Captech, should help leaders decide which power quality solutions company is the best for them.